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How would you like to have your business playing 7 days a week on a 40 foot screen while audiences pack the movie theater in anticipation of what they will see and experience on the BIG screen? This is a great time for small businesses to think outside the box and consider including cinema in their mix of advertising. Traditional media remains expensive and much of it is less effective due to ad avoidance techniques practiced by consumers today. More than 75% of consumers own a DVR and over 77% of them use it to skip over the advertisements. Satellite radio, MP3 players and pop up blockers are just a few of the other ways they avoid listening or viewing commercials. Newspapers are becoming less and less effective on their own because many people are getting their news elsewhere and advertisers are choosing motion over static imagery. We believe that you will find the information useful in determining if cinema advertising is right for your business.


This is the most affordable and powerful form of advertising available for small business owners today. We invite you to let your imagination and creative juices flow because like the movies themselves, your business will come to life on the BIG screen! 


Study after study proves that advertising your business or brand on the BIG screen results in higher recall and stronger impact than any other advertising. Based out of McAlester, Oklahoma, Max Out Media is the only cinema advertising company that delivers local advertising - helping businesses of all sizes reach highly desirable movie going audiences.


Max Out Media's local sales division is committed to helping advertisers grow their businesses with geo-targeted campaigns right in their own communities. We also maintain a dedicated, in-house creative department that will collaborate with you to craft clear, compelling messaging and stunning, high quality, professional videos for your commercial.


Did you know that:


  • Movies are the #1 leisure activity in the U.S.

  • On average, consumers arrive at the theater 19 minutes ahead of time.

  • 44% of viewers are more likely to remember seeing an ad in the cinema VS on TV

  • Movie goers have discretionary income and are affluent. The median average household income is over $75,000

  • Frequent movie goers are likely to be early adopters of new products

  • Cinema captivates audiences with a big-screen impact and no remote control or TiVo!

  • Moviegoers are 24 times more likely to purchase a product or service that is advertised at the cinema VS a TV Commercial.


Let us show you how advertising at the movies can help grow your business! Contact us today.





Social Media is an ever-growing platform to reach millions of viewers each day at the touch of a button! From Twitter and Facebook to YouTube and Instagram, Max Out Media can create a Social Media Platform of your choosing and coach you in maintaining it to reach the most of your targeted audience with your information.

Social Media
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Website Design:

Maybe you’re an established company that is seeking a “re-branding” of a new, responsive website design that is vibrant and user friendly.


Or maybe you’re a brand new start-up company that is looking to obtain a professional new website, graphic, or logo. To wow your new customers, we can help!


We believe in a simple approach that has the qualities and experience of a very expensive, complicated website.

Your Logo and Graphics:


Your website establishes your customer's experience as they learn more about you and what you have to offer, while your logo defines your company's identity. At Max Out Media, we believe that a logo is where your brand starts. It is your first impression! Our logo design services will help you make that first impression remarkable.



Web/Graphic/Logo Design
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