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Meet Shae

Shae Kleindienst is the Lead Sales Representative for Max Out Media. At Max Out Media our goal is to help our customers maximize how their business is seen. Cinema Advertising is how we do that, putting our customers on a 40 ft screen in front of a captive audience. We also offer services such as building websites/logos or running social media pages to take the load off our customers.

Before Shae joined Max Out Media she started her journey in the hospitality business. From waiting tables at restaurants to then managing large teams as the hospitality manager. Shae has been in sales her entire career whether she was selling clothes, furniture, accessories or food she can passionately relate to her customers and find a suitable option for their needs. On her journey to find the perfect career she spent 5 years as a local banker in McAlester Oklahoma assisting people with their financial needs. Finally landing the Lead Sales Representative at Max Out Media where her passion and creativity has come to life. Building long lasting relationships with her clients and making sure that their business is getting the attention it deserves.

Born in Wichita, KS and raised in Waco, TX by loving parents along with 2 younger brothers and an older sister. Shae is married with 3 beautiful daughters and her hobbies include gardening, reading a nice long book and finding unique treasures at antique stores. At the end of the day knowing that she is making a difference no matter how small is what keeps her going.

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